Dan L. Hays Editorial Services

Have you written a business proposal or correspondence, and need a “second set of eyes” to review your writing? Would you like to have your writing reviewed and tightened by a business professional? This editorial service can help you meet those needs.

Dan L. Hays has a marketing degree, an MBA, and 30 years experience in the business world in the oil and gas and real estate title insurance industries. He has reviewed and edited numerous documents defining projects, proposals requesting work bids and documents establishing legal agreements. He has generated extensive business correspondence, from letters to emails to project update reports. He has prepared memoranda of title to clarify legal ownership of mineral interests, and drafted curative documents to resolve title issues.

Whether the project is marketing collateral or business proposals, Dan is excellent at helping refine and improve documents to accurately reflect the writer’s intended message, and maximize results. Dan always honors the confidentiality required with sensitive business communications. Let him know what you need, and he will take some weight off your plate.

For specifics about his work history, visit his LinkedIn profile or you can view his references here.

Use the contact form below and he will get back to you to confirm his availability, pricing and PayPal payment options prior to commencement of your project.

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