My Candidacy Info Launches!

I am thrilled to announce a new joint venture between Synaptic Systems Inc. and Acion Consulting.

My Candidacy Info ( is now live and we are very excited about the possibilities that it will offer to candidates and constituents alike.

Each time an election comes along, constituents express frustration at not being able to easily find information about the contenders running for office in their area.

My Candidacy Info has been developed to provide candidates a venue where they can present a comprehensive profile that details who they are, what they believe in and what their public policy platform and priorities will be should they be elected. We offer them an opportunity to have a well presented and well indexed web presence that provides critical information to the constituents they hope to serve.

For candidates and journalists, we offer the ability to post articles and videos that speak to the key issues driving local, provincial, and federal elections. Through the comments* in these articles, we offer a forum for discussion allowing constituents to ask questions of their candidates and express their opinions thus allowing for constructive and open dialogue.

For constituents, ultimately, we become a place to easily find the information they need to make important decisions at the voting box.

As a new site, it will take some time to get the candidate profiles listed at My Candidacy Info. Constituent should nudge their local candidates to get their profiles up soon and to submit articles that express their views and priorities.

So please surf on over to My Candidacy Info and let us know what you think!