Gil Namur Dot Com .. A Whole New Look

On November the 15th of 2006, we launched which was created to promote and support the original music and poetry written by, well, me! A few months ago, actually, August 2010, I started to re-skin the site and move it into a wordpress framework. The original site had no provisions for comments and I really wanted to add that in.

Apparently, I got busy and the site sat in a sad state for a while. I have now remedied that situation and I am very happy to announce that the new site is up!

The site was built using the new Midnight Theme recently released by Studio Press.

I have also added some new features to this site including videos featuring great guitar players and a link section at the bottom of the site pointing to other interesting sites on the web. This section will grow significantly over the coming weeks and months.

Have a peek and let me know what you think.